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Tsuba collection poster

Tsubas are a part of sword accessories, and the base metal is not limited to iron, but can also be brass, gold-copper alloy, copper, etc. Most tsubas are circular, but they can also be mokkou-gata or octagonal in shape. Most tsubas are circular, but some are gourd-shaped or octagonal, with a diameter of about 10 cm and a hole in the center for the blade to be inserted. Many have a small hole on the left side.
The original purpose was to balance the weight of the blade and handle and to protect the fist, but from around the Momoyama period (1573-1600), they began to be used as ornamental accessories for the waist of warriors and metalworkers. With the advancement of technology, masterful works were created using techniques such as sukashibori, sukidashinikubori,kebori, and inlaying.
The Goto family's tsuba, Owari tsuba, Yagyu tsuba, and Shoami tsuba are generally well known, but Echizen Kinai tsuba are also well known.

Special exhibition

Special Exhibition

Main exhibition

Main exhibited works

Main exhibition

Museum special exhibition (actual results)

Special exhibition of weapons

April 1981

Old Imari special exhibition

September 1982

Chinese celadon special exhibition

April 1983

Old Sometsuke Special Exhibition

September 1984

Special exhibition of blue shell fixtures

September 1986

Makie special exhibition

October 1989

Kutani special exhibition during the Edo period

September 1990

Kaido Yamada  special exhibition

October 1992

Kichido Utsumi Special Exhibition

October 1993

Undo Nagata Special Exhibition

October 1994

Exhibition of Kutani masterpieces from the Edo period

October 1996

Exhibition of masterpieces of Chinese celadon

October 1997

Old dyed masterpieces exhibition

October 1998

Arms masterpiece exhibition

October 1999

Old Kutani ware masterpiece exhibition

October 2000

Old Imari masterpieces exhibition

October 2001

Makie masterpiece exhibition

September 2002

Old Sometsuke/Aogai Exhibition

September 2003

Kaido, Yoshido, Undo Exhibition

September 2004

Treasured hanging scroll exhibition

September 2005

Chinese celadon special exhibition

October 2006

Inro exhibition

October 2007

Tsuba special exhibition

September 2008

Old Kutani special exhibition (old Kutani kiln, Aote old Kutani kiln, Yoshidaya kiln)

September 2009

Old Kutani special exhibition (Azuya kiln, Wakasugi kiln, Miyamoto kiln, Rendaiji kiln)

October 2010

Old Kutani special exhibition (Matsuyama kiln, Ono kiln, Shozo kiln)

October 2011

Celadon Special Exhibition I

October 2012

Celadon special exhibition II

October 2013

Old Sometsuke Exhibition

November 2014

Makie Exhibition - Gold Makie and Shibayama Makie -

November 2015

Makie Exhibition -Nashiji Makie-

October 2016

Makie Exhibition - Black Makie -

November 2017

Aogai exhibition

November 2018

Old Imari Exhibition I

November 2019

Old Imari Exhibition II

November 2020

Old Imari Exhibition III

November 2021

Inro exhibition

November 2020

Tsuba special exhibition

November 2023

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